A short story about food. I have written about Paan in previous posts even with links about this. But I find it nicer to write something about Paan myself and so I got a Paan and made some pictures. I must say it is nicer to eat then to see once taken apart :D .

Paan Unpacked Contents of Paan

The first picture is of Paan as you receive it. The small package which is dep’t in syrup and then in a mix of sweets. On top of the Paan you find a cherry or fruits. I always take sweet Paan, but there is also Paan Tobacco. The sweet Paan you can eat and chew, the Paan Tobacco you can put in your cheek and slowly process it. This one I don’t like that much.

The second picture is of the content in the leaf.
The third picture is of the content which I took apart. This is grained sweet, fruits and syrup.

Besides Paan I also took some pictures of other foods. As I was tired with all the omelets of the past 6 weeks I requested some Indian breakfast. Because I did not understand the menu I requested some help. The following morning (Friday) I was surprised by two men who served me all three options at once. I think they were surprised when they picked up the dishes for I had eaten all dishes :D .

The dishes as presented:

  • UPMA (with CHUTNEY)
    Upma is a Southern Indian dish made from white rice, mustard seeds and other herbs;
    Uttapam is a pancake of tomatoes, union and chili mix;
    Aloo = potato; Partha is a flat bread. The dish seems like a pancake with potato in there and herbs (sometimes a bit chili);
  • besides the main dish there are some toasts, butter, jam and coffee.

An overview of the Dishes UPMA UTTAPAM ALOO PARATHA
From left to right: UPMA; UTTAPAM; ALOO PARATHA

This is a big difference in regards to the daily omelet. I now receive Aloo Paratha every morning. It is a nice change. Perhaps some more information about foods on a later time.