On Saturday Safdar and me have agreed to go to Mumbai the next day. He needed to bring something to a friend of his and I wanted to be a typical tourist and see some sights in Mumbai.

I had ordered a cab (type Toyota Innova which is a rather big car) and we got a pickup at 07:00 am in Pune. It was quite a drive to get to Mumbai and not without delay. We got pulled over for making a U turn where it was not allowed. The police took the driver for questioning and it seemed he did not own a cab license…

Paying the Police Rs 100 (Rupies) the driver bribed him and we could continue our way. Round 11:00 am we arrived at “The Gateway of India” *.

Here we meet with Eddie Brady, Michelle van der Jagt and Bart Bartelds. Together we would spend the day in Mumbai.

Were did we go?

  • As mentioned we met at The Gateway of India *.
    The Gateway of India** is a monument build in the Muslim style (the arch) while the decorations are Hindi style. The highest point is 26 meter and the first stone was placed in 1911. The opening was held on December 4th 1924. The monument was build in honor of the visit from King George V ** and Queen Mary ** and later became the first sight for travelers who arrived via boot.
    The Gateway of India
  • check with Safdar We drove past haji ali juice centre *;
  • check with Safdar Rock beach?
    Rock beach?
  • check with Safdar Lunch!
  • The main train station of Mumbai: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus * (Victoria Terminus).
  • Opposite of the train station Victoria Terminus stands the Brihan Mumbai Mahanagarpalika *.
    Brihan Mumbai Mahanagarpalika
  • The local postal office GPO *
  • We went for some history lessons via visiting the Palace Museum
  • Diner at the hotel Intercontinental (Japanese dishes)

Round 10:00 pm Safdar and I left for home. We also needed to drive all the way back to Pune which took about 4 hours. Round 02:00 am we were home and could take our sleep.

It was a fun but also exhausting day.

* link to Google maps
** link to more information provided by Wikipedia (English)