Yes, it is again another weekend in India. Also this weekend I have no plans and tend to relax and gain some energy. The last few weeks have been very active in regards to work. Currently we are in the closure of one phase and this mean I also need to start wrapping up and prepare for my trip home.

So what to write if not much has happened? Hmz…

Amit Patil recently became a proud father and gave a nice party at a restaurant called the China Grill. We had been here before and the restaurant has quick service and good food. Almost the whole team could be present and we had a very nice evening. Some of the gentlemen thought it to be nice to have some shooters. Oh well, I’m game :P

China Grill Amit looking at his Shot Bottoms up!
From left to right: China Grill; Amit checking his shooter; Hendrik Jan says: Cheers!

Today I also took my camera to the Gym. I am spending an hour there almost every day and I thought it would be nice to introduce some people to you :) . The pictures will be presented in an “Images post”.

Maybe I will be updating some more posts from previous weeks, but I will comment that in a post when I do so.

For now I wish all a very nice weekend!