Accenture & Accenture Technology Solutions
This page shows some details about Accenture and the Technology Workforce of which I am part of. Please note that the information stated is found on the internet. I have added direct links to the sources.

About Accenture

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, Accenture collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. At Accenture you can join ranks with more than 177,000 people in 120 countries and work with clients in nearly every major industry worldwide, including 96 of the Fortune Global 100, more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500 and government agencies around the world. Find out more about Accenture’s different areas of business, specifically in Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing, as well as how they get involved in communities around the world.
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The sheer scale of our technology capabilities and client engagements differentiates us from most other companies.

The sheer scale of our technology capabilities and client engagements differentiates us from most other companies. Many of our clients are global organizations, so we build systems that operate across several countries and even continents, creating the digital infrastructure of business today. We know better than most how to mobilize the right people, skills, alliances and technologies to deliver innovation and results that create high-performance businesses.

Working together to deliver high performance

Accenture is all about teamwork and collaboration—both with our clients and within our vast global pool of talented professionals. Passionate about IT, Accenture’s Technology professionals deliver innovation and enable high performance by envisioning the future and inventing the next wave of cutting-edge business solutions for clients. So whether you’re seeking the pinnacle of a technical specialization or a broader base of experience, Accenture can make it happen.
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Interested in Accenture Netherlands?

Perhaps you are as I from the Netherlands, and then it would be more suiting to include some Dutch information. As this page is just a simple overview of my company I would like to refer you to the Dutch part of the website: about Accenture Netherlands. This will take you to the organization of Accenture Netherlands were you can find the history, what makes Accenture different from other companies, careers and much more.

If you want some personal assistance to find your way to Accenture and one of its workforces, you may contact me via my business email