During a long trip all kind of things can happen. I was prepared for almost anything, but it may still happen that unforseen circumstances occur and it can blow you off your feet. Last weekend I have experienced how it feels when something happens back home and you cannot be there to support the family. Because of circumstances it was not possible for me to return home and I needed to support via Instant Messaging and a webcam. Difficult to say the least.

After this experience and the increasing heat my body claimed a time-out. For the first time in my journey I have become really sick. High fever and stomach pains are hitting hard. On Monday I leave the office early and go to bed.

Once in the airco I seem to get better, but after some sleep I wake up with high fever and keep running to the toilet. I cannot contain any foods and I am losing a lot of fluids.

Luckily I have some people who suddenly seem to appear to assist me. Some of my colleagues call and bring some medicine. Their attention and care really support me.

Via this way I would like to thank the whole team for their support! Special thanks to Amit D. for driving me home, Amit P. for his assistance, Ritesh and Soumen for the extra medicine and Kalpesh for some shopping. All others I want to thank for the thoughts and gestures.

Today I feel much better although it may take some time for my energy level has fully returned.

Thanks for all good care!