Giel is one of my colleagues in the Netherlands and he visited India this week for business. Accenture has some facilities in Bangalore (Bengaluru) in which one of his projects is setup. Because another project of his is in Pune he came to visit us as well.

Wednesday evening the plane landed in Pune and we got together for some dinner. It is again very nice to be confronted with the Netherlands. It gave me the chance to talk Dutch again; we had some Dutch Humor, shared experiences, etc. It was a nice get together.

Thursday was again a working day. Because Giel was on a “stop-and-go” visit, the day was fully booked. Several meetings, good conversations and good end results. But it was not only business. The evening we spend with the team and had a nice dinner at restaurant SIGRI at Dhole Patil Road. It was a very nice evening of many laughs and much food ;) .

Some pictures: