Wow, it is already weekend again. Another week has gone by and also the Sunday is already half way. The past few weeks haven taken a lot of energy. All impressions, experiences, but also the job requirements have taken their toll.

I started this weekend with good spirit. The targets from work are achieved and I have setup no plans for sightseeing or any other stuff. Just nothing…
Due to being so busy the past weeks I missed two trainingsessions this week and this I made up on Saturday! 1,5 hours of weight lifting and a nice cooldown (as far as the water was cold ;) ) in the pool. A great start of the day.

In the afternoon I treated myself on a massage. At the gym there is also a SPA and I selected a Sweedisch message. Yes it also sounded strange to me… A Indian who would give me a Sweedishc massage. Well I did not care what it was called, I enjoyed :)

In the evening I cooked again. Some patatoes with pees and chicken. A steak or something is not possible so I will have to catch up on those back home. Strangly I noticed that I do enjoy the Dutch foods, but that I cannot eat as much as before. The food is heavy on the stummic after some weeks of rice.

Sunday is a lazy day. I was in bed longer than usual (9:30-10:00), but the airco and fans start to get on your nerves and I went for a walk. Bad idea! Really hot outside. The temperature is around 35-40 degrees and will rise even more. Now this may seem very nice, but I don’t enjoy it. In this way I mis my “frog country” (nickname of the Netherlands). Some fresh air, a breeze and constant changing weather. For a holiday the sun is nice, but currently I find it very exhausting.

The rest of the day I will update the blog a bit from my balkony. The neighbours have turned on some loud music, the construction of buildings is going on and the traffic never rests. So nice and quiet for some writing… hihi

Foor this evening I have no specific plans. Perhaps I will visit the Regatta of the College of Engineering, Pune (COEP), but this still depands on the company. I really don’t feel to be going alone, so perhaps Rupali, Safdar or Suhas want to go. They will let me know later this day.

So what have I updated today?